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Title of OER (in English)

Seasonal fruits and vegetables in Tuscany

Title of OER (in national language)

Frutta e verdura di stagione in Toscana

Type of OER

Lesson materials for children

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Local and seasonal fruit and vegetables

Specific contents covered

Citizenship Education, Environmental Education

You can use this OER in this/these subject area(s):

Natural science / Environmental education, Social science / Social studies [Geography, History, etc...], English, Citizenship education / Personal development

English language skills

Speaking - Spoken production (Oral production, interaction), Reading - Written reception (Reading comprehension)


Food, fruit and vegetables, seasons, months

Type of materials included

Images, Fruits and vegetables calendar, Traditional recipes

How is it visually attractive for children?

The calendar picture is clear and interesting, and it can be used to introduce the topic of seasonal vegetables and fruit.

Can the OER be customized and reused?



The fruit and vegetable calendar can be used to introduce a discussion on seasonal and local produce.

Can the OER be used in project-based learning, interclass and intercultural collaboration?



The OER can be used in project-based learning and can stimulate a reflection on eating habits and how to change them in order to take care of our health and the environment. (Agenda 2030, Goal 12 sustainable and responsible consumption).

Points of Strength

The OER integrates content and language, There is a varied number of items learners are expected to engage in, The response expected from learners is engaging (drawings, hands-on demonstrations, verbal, etc.), The OER makes it clear in which language learners are expected to respond, The OER can be used in project-based learning, interclass and intercultural collaboration