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Lesson plan for teachers

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authorised for education purposes

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English, Portuguese

School Year

Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

Age group

From 8 to 9, From 9 to 10, From 10 to 11


Financial and consumer literacy: savings and means of payment.

Specific contents covered

Financial Education

You can use this OER in this/these subject area(s):

Natural science / Environmental education, Official Language(s) [Italiano, Lengua Castellana, Română, Português], English, Cross-curricular projects

English language skills

Listening - Spoken reception (Listening comprehension), Speaking - Spoken production (Oral production, interaction), Reading - Written reception (Reading comprehension), Writing - Written production (Written production)


Related to financial and consumer literacy: savings and means of payment.

Type of materials included

Handouts, Lessons plans, Images, Classroom games, Interactive worksheets [fill-in-the-gap, matching, .etc ..], Roleplay situations & cards

How is it visually attractive for children?

Children have the opportunity to learn about basic financial literacy in a fun way.

Can the OER be customized and reused?



Each teacher can adapt the lesson plan to her/his own reality and to each different class and choose the particular activities the classroom prefer.

Can the OER be used in project-based learning, interclass and intercultural collaboration?



The OER can be used in interclass and intercultural collaboration because different classes and different cultures can be involved.

Image(s) of Strength

The OER takes the learner’s developmental stage, cognitive development and language competence into account., The OER integrates content and language, There is a varied number of items learners are expected to engage in, The response expected from learners is engaging (drawings, hands-on demonstrations, verbal, etc.), The OER makes it clear in which language learners are expected to respond, The OER includes notes on how the product and process of learning should be assessed, The OER can be used in project-based learning, interclass and intercultural collaboration