Direzione Didattica Todi

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Title of OER (in English)


Title of OER (in national language)


Type of OER

Lesson plan for teachers, Lesson materials for children

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Language (s)

English, Italian

School Year

Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

Age group

From 8 to 9, From 9 to 10, From 10 to 11, From 11 to 12


Weather, animals, plants, and climate change

Specific contents covered

Citizenship Education, Environmental Education

You can use this OER in this/these subject area(s):

Natural science / Environmental education, Social science / Social studies [Geography, History, etc...], Official Language(s) [Italiano, Lengua Castellana, Română, Português], English, Citizenship education / Personal development


Listening, speaking, reading

Type of materials included

Handouts, Videos, Interactive worksheets [fill-in-the-gap, matching, .etc ..], e-games [online & offline], hands on activities

How is it visually attractive for children?

Videos and pictures are attractive. The games are interactive.

Can the OER be customized and reused?



The OER can be customized and the informative texts can be simplified and adapted according to the children's level of English. It can be used to involve students in discussions about weather and climate change, ecosystems.

Can the OER be used in project-based learning, interclass and intercultural collaboration?



The OER can be used to make students aware of environmental and global issues (Agenda 2030, Goal 13 climate action).

Points of Strength

The OER takes the learner’s developmental stage, cognitive development and language competence into account., The OER integrates content and language, There is a varied number of items learners are expected to engage in, The OER can be used in project-based learning, interclass and intercultural collaboration