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Change Maker

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Máquina de cambio: Cuenta tu cambio

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Lesson materials for children

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Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

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From 8 to 9, From 9 to 10, From 10 to 11, From 11 to 12


Buying in a shop, calculating change, money management.

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Financial Education

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English language skills

Reading - Written reception (Reading comprehension)


Amount of sale, amount paid, correct change, coins, make a purchase, piggy bank, added to, subtracted from.

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How is it visually attractive for children?

Children enjoy seeing different currencies from around the world and ‘handling’ money. They can also see how the money saved in their piggy banks grows.

Can the OER be customized and reused?


Can the OER be used in project-based learning, interclass and intercultural collaboration?



Students can consult classmates in another country in order to set up a shop with common items found in that country and ask about prices there too. A project could be to use bar charts to compare pupils’ savings in a single class or compare total savings between different classes.

Points of Strength

The OER takes the learner’s developmental stage, cognitive development and language competence into account., The OER integrates content and language, There is a varied number of items learners are expected to engage in, The response expected from learners is engaging (drawings, hands-on demonstrations, verbal, etc.), The OER makes it clear in which language learners are expected to respond, The OER can be used in project-based learning, interclass and intercultural collaboration